Saturday, 1 February 2014

No pics this time...

I have been to a class at Home of the Artistic Stamper with Georgina taking the lesson with a 'Guest' (Jennie) doing a UTEE demo. I can't show any pics as we made cards that. I intend to use in the near future. I can tell you that we used lots of techniques, grunge paste, stamps, embossing - heat and through an embossing machine. We also inked, painted and used a Gelli plate, though I still am not comfortable with that. I got some good suggestions of where to go for more practice, thanks Lesley, I will take a look on YouTube and see if I can get more help there.

I bought a Tim Holtz empty alarm clock which I have an idea for, if it works out I will show it here but it will be a whole as I have so many plans, none of which am I making substantial progress on.

Just looked outside and what was a beautiful sunny day has reverted to the set and grey we seem to have for ages, oh well a good excuse to craft I guess.

See you soon.


Monday, 27 January 2014

Ok let's start again

I can't believe how long it is since I blogged, May of last year! Well the only excuse is that I have had a lot to do! There are other excuses but I really have been lazy if I am honest. I have had things to show, all those workshops at


So I am starting again as we are retiring next month and I need to have lots of projects to keep me busy. Along with blogging I have lots of projects waiting for me in the craft room and I have also taken up quilting and that will make the blog as well.


Chris has had his new car as his retirement present, mine is a little more modest. I haven't got it yet as it isn't released till 10 February. I have a Brother ScanNCut on order. The biggest draw is the fabric cutting as I am not having huge success using a rotary cutter, it is OK but not accurate enough. I expect I will use it for other things as well though. I expect some will make the blog too.


So hopefully I will see you very soon.


Friday, 5 July 2013

Another glorious day

If only I could finish a project, well the ones I make at home anyway. Well I have! I saw a diorama on the Graphic 45 using the Secret Garden papers. I am not really a flowery person so I used the French Country which I had loads left from another project.

It was fun to do and Chris likes it too. I had to reshuffle things to get it in to the unit.

I am off to The Artistic Stamper to find out how to rescue a project that. Has gone wrong - a good one for me as I have a few!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Another project finished

Not sure when I found the time to finish this as we have had a busy week so far and it doesn’t stop till Sunday so not much chance to do more this week, apart from on Saturday when I am going to another of Jennie’s workshops.

Anyway here is the latest finished canvas.



The canvas was ready prime so I used Distress stains in green, pink and orange. Please don’t ask which colours as I am totally useless and always forget to make a note of them. Once dry I stamped in Vermillion Archival ink with a script stamp on one half and the they then covered the join/gap in the stamping. Topped of with Sissix die cut swirls and flowers made from the Tattered Floral die, a couple of butterflies stuck together to ‘fly’ and a metal one with a hint of alcohol ink to bring it together. Oh and, as you can see, I inked the edges to give it definition.

Thanks for looking

Sunday, 5 May 2013

It is a glorious day here, hope it lasts.

I am still working on lots of projects, how I have changed! I would always do one project till it was completed but now I work so differently I have to leave stuff to dry and that gives me time to think about what I do next. I think it is paying off though I still get some disasters.

Any way after the workshop last week I ‘needed’ to make a similar something in blues. Though I loved what I did at the workshop I just had this need. So I did this, using the same techniques apart from the airbrushing.


It is a box and the sides are the pale blue with more swirls randomly stamped.

I also saw a project in the display at The Artistic Stamper , I didn’t have the stamp but there was one in the shop. I had a bit of a problem with my Glossy Accents, think it must be getting old as it went a bit brown but I love the effect though it is not quite straight and the card was a bit too thin


but it has given me the idea I wanted.

Thanks for looking

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Alcohol and metal

No not the drinking type or heavy metal but a workshop at The Artistic Stamper, a very relaxed workshop.

We started with an Ikea mirror, painted it the made all the separate pieces. The colours are not what I would usually use but I love them with the green background.


It looks a bit pink in places but is reds and oranges and is quite vibrant in real life.

I am off to my craft space soon and hope to finally finish several projects so I may be back later with some more.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

So much for more blogging!

In fairness we have been busy with work for the last couple of weeks but I have been crafting. I even went to a couple of workshops but some bits are not finished or are in need of an addition or 2. Still I have got some to show A couple of Easter boxes, great fun to make and decorate, as usual thanks to the lovely Jennie for the inspiration. I ran out of things to do after the last morning workshop, I stayed on in the afternoon to make a couple of cards. I trolled round the shop and found these mini canvases and the metal time elements. They look good as an addition to the collection. Talking of the collection, this is how it looks right now. Still some room for more things yet! Having seen it now I really must change the bunting and I must find another option for posting to the blog, Blogger has changed and is no way useful at laying things out. More soon