Monday, 27 January 2014

Ok let's start again

I can't believe how long it is since I blogged, May of last year! Well the only excuse is that I have had a lot to do! There are other excuses but I really have been lazy if I am honest. I have had things to show, all those workshops at


So I am starting again as we are retiring next month and I need to have lots of projects to keep me busy. Along with blogging I have lots of projects waiting for me in the craft room and I have also taken up quilting and that will make the blog as well.


Chris has had his new car as his retirement present, mine is a little more modest. I haven't got it yet as it isn't released till 10 February. I have a Brother ScanNCut on order. The biggest draw is the fabric cutting as I am not having huge success using a rotary cutter, it is OK but not accurate enough. I expect I will use it for other things as well though. I expect some will make the blog too.


So hopefully I will see you very soon.


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