Sunday, 28 April 2013

Alcohol and metal

No not the drinking type or heavy metal but a workshop at The Artistic Stamper, a very relaxed workshop.

We started with an Ikea mirror, painted it the made all the separate pieces. The colours are not what I would usually use but I love them with the green background.


It looks a bit pink in places but is reds and oranges and is quite vibrant in real life.

I am off to my craft space soon and hope to finally finish several projects so I may be back later with some more.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

So much for more blogging!

In fairness we have been busy with work for the last couple of weeks but I have been crafting. I even went to a couple of workshops but some bits are not finished or are in need of an addition or 2. Still I have got some to show A couple of Easter boxes, great fun to make and decorate, as usual thanks to the lovely Jennie for the inspiration. I ran out of things to do after the last morning workshop, I stayed on in the afternoon to make a couple of cards. I trolled round the shop and found these mini canvases and the metal time elements. They look good as an addition to the collection. Talking of the collection, this is how it looks right now. Still some room for more things yet! Having seen it now I really must change the bunting and I must find another option for posting to the blog, Blogger has changed and is no way useful at laying things out. More soon

Friday, 5 April 2013

Where does the time go!

I thought this semi retirement would give me more time to do things but it is the opposite. I manage to do something in the craft room every day, in fact I was there at 8.30 this morning putting another coat on a book to be altered. I have managed to take some pictures of some of the things I am working on or have finished.

Some tags from a workshop at The Artistic Stamper, these are a few from those I made that day.


Jennie taught us some new techniques using Distress Paints. I love how you can make them vibrant or subtle depending on how you use them. I have already used up a whole pot of white, I did have a bit of a leakage though and it has taught me to make sure the top is screwed on tight every time I use one.

Here is a little selection of the ATCs that I have added to my collection.


They all (except the bottom left) feature Alcohol inks used in various ways. The 2 on the right have now changed to being cut down a little, added to another ATC and embellished. The bottom left is Archival stamped onto glossy card and then Distress Ink carefully added round the edge. I managed to create a nice ‘halo’ effect with that.

Another bird box.


I picked the blank one up in Morrison's of all places and decorated it with Graphic45 papers. Butterflies on the side and flowers made with the Tattered Floral die from Sizzix.

Finally I have been taking part in an online class from Andy Skinner. It has taken a while to get to something I like the look of and looks a little like the examples I have seen from other participants.


These are the best so far, I have another 2 in progress which I am hoping will be better. KI am also working on the 2nd project in the class but not being very successful yet. Once I get something worth showing I will do so.

I am off to a workshop tomorrow at The Artistic Stamper, Jennie is expanding out knowledge of altered books again. Maybe, just maybe, I will get to take pictures in the next few days and show you but don’t hold your breath as I have a busy weekend and I come out of the semi retirement next week and have to do some work!


Take care.